Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Callouts video:

 If you've never seen Callouts in Action before, this video shows what Callouts are and how to implement them into your game with a simple 5-minute tutorial.

Callouts are a handy and elegant way to display text to the user that doesn't interrupt game-play, and their buttons can have a variety of functions. Download the Game Builder Tab V3 and try Callouts for yourself:
Go to Download link through Adfly

BGP Game Builder Extension Version 3

Mars Lander Builder:

Don't all send me those level's you've made at once!... Yeah, I haven't received any level submissions yet. But just think! NO ONE is submitting levels, which means if you submit a level now, you are GUARANTEED to be featured!
If you want to make levels for submission, you'll need Mars Lander Builder, which you can download here:
Go to Download link through Adfly

Mars Lander Builder

Share Levels:

The program contains its own tutorial, so you'll be all set once you've downloaded it. You can make as many levels as you want and share them with the level code on this forum.

Submit Levels:

You can also send any levels you make to me in a private message in the following format, and I will evaluate them for posting in a future News update:

Level Name: My Awesome level
(I will take a picture of the level)
Description: This level is awesome because I made it!

If you'd like to see some levels I made for inspiration, click here to check out this news post.

Update on Tutorials:

Big things are underway between Bluish-Green Productions and Assembly Line Games, some of which you might see by the end of the summer. Aside from videos like this one, tutorials are not in formal development. One person can only work on so many projects.
Anyway, Game Maker 9 is on the horizon, and Yoyogames has been talking about the significant changes that will be made to Game Maker in its newest iteration. To that end, I don't think it would be worth making tutorials for GM8.1 only to have them outdated by the time they are released.
However, when Game Maker 9 DOES release, you can bet Bluish-Green Productions Game Maker Help will be fully supporting it with timely tutorials!
Don't worry, between now and then, there will be other cool things like Callouts and Game Builder programs.
And as always,

Good luck Game Making!

~Bluish-Green Productions

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