Friday, December 12, 2014

Zarnok Fortress: Weekly Dev-log #1

Compare this to screenshot from the previous post and you should see a number of improvements, some more subtle than others.
For starters, I got rid of that grey temporary background I whipped up in photoshop to prevent the background from being a flat color.
The Specialist is now in-game! You can see him targeting Robo with a Railgun.
Also, holograms are now animated. Although you can't tell, in the previous build they were simple Tiles, but I've since gone in and added a layer of programming polish to make them more alive, especially when they're damaged.

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I'm sure I'll get into the swing of things as far as writing Dev-logs is concerned, it's not as if I haven't written them before, but I value any and all feedback I can get!
Want me to get into the nitty-gritty code used to make all this happen?
Want more pictures?
Ask away!

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