Sunday, March 25, 2012

What follows is the fifth segment of the Mars Lander Builder Behind the Scenes write-up. Click titles below to read other segments:

Alphabetical code for Objects

Runner Editions:

When I made the Mars Lander Builder, the reason I needed the file system to be alphabetical was so that it could be loaded into different versions of the program. From one code I intended the level to be loadable into both Mars Lander Builder and several different iterations of Mars Lander Runner Edition. With the alphabetical file system, this became possible. While 300 characters isn’t short by any stretch of the imagination, it’s a lot shorter than the jargon that people would be copying if I used any kind of special encoding on the files. I still intend to use GameMaker Studio to develop Mars Lander Runner Editions for as many platforms as possible, and I know that with the alphabetical code this will be possible.
And now, for a very special level pack. With the addition of these 5 levels, there are officially 50 levels available for Mars Lander Runner! To that end, I’ve replaced the Runner download file with the “50 Level Edition”. This contains all 9 level packs and the Mars Lander Runner.
Click the image below to download Mars Lander Runner 50 Level Edition:

Mars Lander Runner 50 Level Edition

Level Pack #8:

If you're new to this: The easiest way to play Mars Lander levels is to use Mars Lander Online Runner Edition, which you can play by clicking on the image below. Alternatively, you can download the level packs with the links above and play them offline.
Mars Lander Online Runner Edition will prompt you to paste the level codes which you can copy from the text-boxes below (Yes, they run off the page... just double click them to make sure you select the entire code and then copy it).

Level 1:
text code:
Level 1

Level 2:
text code:
Level 2

Level 3:
text code:
Level 3

Level 4:
text code:
Level 4

Level 5:
text code:
Level 5

Don’t forget, you can submit your own custom levels and get them featured in future News posts, or even as part of a Level Pack in the future:
Click here to read all the details
And as always,

Good luck Game Making!

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