Sunday, March 25, 2012

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This is a tutorial series isn't it? Then WHY are the only things I see posted online Mars Lander Level Packs? Believe me, I am asking the same questions. The trouble is, while I'd love to be doing all this for free, that doesn't pay the bills, so I'm trying to negotiate a contract by which I'd be paid for making these tutorials. The only issue is, as long as that contract isn't finalized, I don't know what I would or would not be allowed to distribute. The last thing I want to do is post something and then have to take it down later because it violates the terms of my contract. That's why I haven't released Mars Lander Builder, or any of the other things I'm working on besides the updated Game Builder library:

The new Game Builder tab easily adds Callouts to games.
Callouts are pretty cool, right?

Anyway, I hate to tease stuff, but right now, I can't do any more than that. Rest assured, I AM working on tutorial related stuff, really cool tutorial related stuff, and I'll post it as soon as I can. Until then, enjoy some Mars Lander Runner Levels, it's the least I can do.
As of last week, I updated the Mars Lander Runner file to include all previous level packs, so by using the download image below, you can get all 8 existing level packs. New level packs that aren't included in the download will be linked individually as they always have been.
Click the image below to download Mars Lander Runner 50 Level Edition:
Mars Lander Runner 50 Level Edition

Level Pack #9: Claustrophobic II

If you're new to this: The easiest way to play Mars Lander levels is to use Mars Lander Online Runner Edition, which you can play by clicking on the image below. Alternatively, you can download the level packs with the links above and play them offline.
Mars Lander Online Runner Edition will prompt you to paste the level codes which you can copy from the text-boxes below (Yes, they run off the page... just double click them to make sure you select the entire code and then copy it).

Level 1:
text code:
Level 1

Level 2:

text code:
Level 2

Level 3:

text code:
Level 3

Level 4:

text code:
Level 4

Level 5:

text code:
Level 5

Don’t forget, you can submit your own custom levels and get them featured in future News posts, or even as part of a Level Pack in the future:
Click here to read all the details
And as always,

Good luck Game Making!

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