Saturday, February 28, 2015

ZF Devlog #10; Face to face with the Interface

Face to face with the Interface

Yes I'm proud of that header. I don't have oodles of experience designing UI, but I'm adhering to the following core principles; accessibility, readability, simplicity.
Main Menu
Quick Access to Continue and Controls

Technically "Controls" is a sub-heading of Options, but I'm not being stingy. Clicking Continue loads your previously played game file without going into the "load game" option (not currently available) to get you into the game as fast as possible.
Options are optional
Configure music / sfx volume and Controller dead-zone

The "controls" for a given menu are always displayed at the bottom of the screen, and that changes depending on your current Input. On PC with keyboard controls, you can use the Arrows Keys or WASD along with Spacebar for selection and Escape for "Back".
Configurable Controls
Every action can be re-mapped

On PC you can even configure your movement keys. They will appear as another column to the left. Using a Gamepad you have some "special" options; Interact can be mapped to Up on the Analog Stick, Compact can be mapped to Down, and on OUYA the Pause button can be mapped to the Touchpad.

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