Sunday, April 15, 2012

Funding tutorials:

As you may or may not know, BGP Tutorials are not officially endorsed by anyone. As a result, I don't make any money from creating tutorials, and since I'm not independently wealthy, that's a problem. I may have finally found a solution to that problem however; AdFly! On new posts, you'll see AdFly links appearing next to regular ones. I will ALWAYS provide direct links to content, although I would sincerely appreciate it if you use the AdFly links.

Asteroid Belt II Level Pack:

I tried something a bit different with this week's level pack. Rather than making 5 completely separate levels, I made 5 levels that look like they match up around the edges. Perhaps you won't notice this when you're actually playing, so I took the time to stitch this together:

This level pack inspired me to alter a few of the Photoshop assets I've been using, so even if the edges don't always align so nicely, expect to see more graphics like this for future level packs.
Click either image to download the Asteroid Belt II Level Pack:
Mars Lander LP 12: Asteroid Belt II
Go to Download link through Adfly

If you're new to this: The easiest way to play Mars Lander levels is to use Mars Lander Online Runner Edition, which you can play by clicking on the image below. Alternatively, you can download the level packs with the links above and play them offline.
Mars Lander Online Runner Edition will prompt you to paste the level codes which you can copy from the text-boxes below (Yes, they run off the page... just double click them to make sure you select the entire code and then copy it).

Level 1:

text code:
Level 1

Level 2:

text code:
Level 2

Level 3:

text code:
Level 3

Level 4:

text code:
Level 4

Level 5:

text code:
Level 5

Previous level packs:

Mars Lander Runner + Level Packs 1-8

The Mars Lander Runner file includes the first 8 level packs. New level packs that aren't included in the download will be linked individually as they always have been.
Click either image below to download Mars Lander Runner 50 Level Edition:
Mars Lander Runner 50 Level Edition
Go to Download link through Adfly

Level Packs 9+

Click any AdFly link below, or visit the Downloads page for all Mars Lander Level Packs.

Don’t forget, you can submit your own custom levels and get them featured in future News posts, or even as part of a Level Pack in the future:

And as always,

Good luck Game Making!

~Bluish-Green Productions

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