Sunday, February 12, 2012

Creating the Level Code:

As hard as I worked to include as many features as possible, the framework of the game was still limited by one major factor; the alphabetical saving system. This meant that I could only have up to 26 types of Objects, and only 300 Objects within a level (for a size of 640x480). One of the ways I saved space in the code was to have Geysers snap to the nearest surface. This way I only needed 3 different Objects instead of 12!
Considering that Mars Lander’s code uses 24 letters to create a code that is 300 characters long, I’ve wondered how many unique levels could be made. Obviously a large percentage of those levels would be unplayable for various reasons, but I think it’s safe to say that you can make thousands of unique levels with the program before you start running into trouble. It might even be more than that… if anyone would like to do the math, I’d be happy to hear how many levels Mars Lander Builder can create!

Mars Lander Online Runner Edition Minor Update:

After playing some levels with the online runner, I realized that particles (from Geysers and the Rocket) make the game lag horribly. To that end, these particles have been replaced with Sprites in the online edition of the game.

Level Pack #5:

If you're new to this:
The easiest way to play Mars Lander levels is to use Mars Lander Online Runner Edition, which you can play by clicking on the image below. Alternatively, you can download the level packs with the links above and play them offline.
Mars Lander Online Runner Edition will prompt you to paste the level codes which you can copy from the text-boxes below (Yes, they run off the page... just double click them to make sure you select the entire code and then copy it).

Level 1:
text code:
Level 1

Level 2:
text code:
Level 2

Level 3:
text code:
Level 3

Level 4:
text code:
Level 4

Level 5:
text code:
Level 5

Author's Note:

These Levels are BRUTALLY difficult, but I guarantee that they are possible. For what it's worth, I've beaten all of them, however many tries it took me to do so...
Don’t forget, you can submit your own custom levels and get them featured in future News posts, or even as part of a Level Pack in the future:

And as always,

Good luck Game Making!

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