Wednesday, November 16, 2011

First and foremost, I would like to apologize for the lack of any new content for the past few months (gosh, has it that long already!?). But now, so many things are happening at once that I just had to write a news post.


It's been out for quite some time now, and I've already talked about its release in a previous news post, so what is there to report? THIS:

That's right! An overview of GameMaker:HTML5 made by yours truly. Not only did I create the Demo with HTML5, but I've also used it create an element for the web-page of the brand new:

Assembly Line Games

I have recently teamed up with some friends to create Assembly Line Games. Right now there isn't much on our site, except for an Assembly Arm I made in GameMaker:HTML5.
Like the header says, we're under construction.

We're just starting up, but soon we'll be using GameMaker to create games for all major mobile platforms. And this does NOT mean that I'll be stopping tutorial production, in fact, it will be quite the opposite!
At Assembly Line Games, we understand the value of maintaining a strong community. And what better way to keep people happy than to give away free stuff?...

The Future of Tutorials

Alongside every game we make, we'll be releasing a tutorial on how to make a component of that game. We're not going to give you access to every single resource or a finished and editable copy of the final game (we're not crazy), but I will be writing Tutorials using some actual game assets that will teach you how to make some part of the game, like (for example) how to build a similar platforming engine to one used in our games.
...and that's not all. If not right away, then as soon as we get into the swing of a professional game development cycle we'll attempt to release something every week (not necessarily a game or a tutorial).
As for the basic sets of tutorials, those will also be finished! Cave Explorer is already finished, Station 17B will be next, and Tower Guard is still some ways off, especially because there might be a few tutorials in-between. Until then, you can still look at the finished editable file for Tower Guard.
An exciting and game-filled future awaits for everyone, and on behalf of the Assembly Line Games team,

Good luck Game Making!

~Bluish-Green Productions

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